The Performing Arts: Music and Dance

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Paul Handelman. The teachers were really friendly, helpful and efficient! The students were incredibly well behaved, highly energetic and enthusiastic about participating.

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  4. Even the security guard was really nice and very interested in the performance! She told me she could only listen from her desk outside the auditorium but loved listening and grooving to it.


    As performers my percussionist and I had a ball performing for everyone. Some of the students approached me afterwards to express how much they enjoyed the show. A few of them said they also had European parents! Circuit Productions, Inc. Below is an overview of our Department of Education programs and partners in the last three-year cycle:. Goals ; Gear Up; College Now! Saturday Workshops ; school districts citywide. Annette A. She holds numerous regional, national, world Irish and Ballroom Dance titles as well as top female teaching awards.

    She also has countless shared joys of student titles and awards. Broadway Theatre Reserve Tickets About our theatre.

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    Support Support Us Sponsors Volunteer. Welcome to Birder! Upcoming Performances. Reserve Tickets. About Us. Learn to Perform like a Star! Les Miserables, School Edition, Become a triple threat performer! Triple Threat Class, Piano Instructor. Acting Instructor. Set Designer.

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    Ana lissa bakken Ana has been with Birder Studio since the very beginning. Rose costello Ms.

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    Amanda harpt A relative newcomer to live theater, but a longtime supporter of the arts, Amanda only recently discovered her passion and talent for set design. Vocal Instructor.

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    Theatre Instructor. Elaine moss Mrs. Kristine wegge Kris is the grade orchestra director in the De Pere school district. Mina Witte Mina has danced her entire life and brings over 20 years of dance experience in Irish, ballroom, ballet and contemporary. Music played in the royal court during the Ryukyu Dynasty was primarily sanshin music. It is believed to have been performed at banquets to welcome Chinese envoys as well as while visiting the Satsuma Domain and the Edo shogunate. It is also used in Kumiodori and Ryukyuan dance, playing an important role as one of the performing arts that represent the Ryukyu Kingdom.

    Characterized by playing a solemn and elegant tone, there are other instruments besides the sanshin that are used as accompaniment, including the Japanese harp, flute, Chinese fiddle and taiko drums. In contrast to classical music, Okinawan folk songs were refined and established by the general public and still prosper today with many fans inside and outside the prefecture. Originating from classical Okinawan music, folk songs gradually developed among the general public who told stories full of emotions through the songs they composed.

    The sanshin, which is said to have been introduced from China, is the main instrument and the re and la in the typical Western scale of do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do has been dropped to create the unique Ryukyu scale of do-mi-fa-sol-ti-do. Folk entertainment has been passed down through generations on each island of Okinawa, as well as in each region and village, which originated from events that centered around the harvesting of rice, such as giving thanks for the crops and festivals to pray for abundant harvests.

    The main ones are eisa and shishimai, and even today, many of these performing arts can be seen at festivals taking place in various regions, towns, and villages.