The Clan of the Mancats, Book 2 (Gay Male Fantasy Erotica)

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Clan of the Mancats: Book #2

He's a writer, screen-writer, director and publicist with more than 17 years of experience crafting stories. Even when Alexi is abducted into a beautiful and highly sensual world, Alexi is determined to escape and resume her search for her sister-even though the dark and dangerous manwho captured her excites her in unimaginable ways. King Darronn prefers his women submissive.

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Searching for an escape from mediocrity, the young heroine of The Clam Shell leaves her hometown of Canona, West Virginia, and enters a Southern women's college. She is not destined for the safe path, however; her brutal awakening comes in the form of a violent sexual assault through which she ultimately discovers her own hidden strength. Clams in Cups By D. The arrival of the Will Traveller, as the long foretold Essene Robert De La Rouge, in a very ancient highland society, acts as the key to unlocking endless intrigues among those that rule each Clan.

Right from the very first peace conference, the drums of war begin to sound even louder, as lust, greed and jealousy combine to threaten the very existence of their peoples. But how do you bring five village communities, each run by an hereditary family which claims divinity, each of them more blood thirsty than the next, into a peaceful coalition? A force which can defend itself against the might of the Iron Head invaders from the South is the ultimate challenge facing the Will Traveller.

A moving saga about people, relationship, and the boundaries of love. Taken back to the dawn of modern humankind, and with a girl named Ayla, readers are swept up in the harsh and beautiful Ice Age world they shared with the ones who called themselves the clan of the Cave Bear. The first installment in the acclaimed Earth's Children series. This is the first book of a new gay male erotica fantasy series featuring the Clan of the Mancats: a group of men with feline characteristics, abilities and traits.

As the inhabitants of the island named Homotheria, these books narrate the clan's adventures and their interactions with the elves that have settled on the west and center territories of their homeland. Notice: This book contains gay male erotic material. Appropriate for adult readers. Bonus: This printed version contains artwork not available on Kindle. Cover art by Dongsaeng. Keric, Xerude and Cyl elves c Humbuged, used with permission.

All other characters and locations c Tez.

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