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Using action research in conjunction with innovation techniques, he has worked with companies such as Shell International, BP, and Agip to structure decision-making processes and leverage their innovation potential. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Wiley Series in Systems Engineering and Management. Undetected location.

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NO YES. Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. View on Wiley Online Library. This is a dummy description. Practical techniques to help any organization innovate and succeed In this groundbreaking book, internationally acclaimed authors demonstrate that innovation can be mastered via systematic and replicable methods.

Following careful instructions and guidelines, readers discover how to foster the ingenuity that resides within all organizations and how it can be most efficiently and effectively used to create value. FAST is a powerful mapping technique that graphically models projects, products, and processes in function terms and identifies function dependencies.

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It is an organized structure ideally suited to exploring complex issues. Readers start with basic concepts and then move on to more advanced concepts using FAST to help their organizations survive and prosper in today's global economy. Stimulating Innovation in Products and Services is based on the authors' many years of experience advising clients in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, health care, and man-ufacturing. Its practical focus assists all engineers, scientists, and managers who want to foster innovation within their organizations.

Extensive use of case studies makes this an ideal coursebook for MBA students.


About the Author J. Kaufman Associates, Inc. He has more than thirty-five years' experience working in design engineering, value engineering, and corporate management in the industrial, electronic, processes, services, and aerospace markets. Kaufman is the author of four books, and has also contributed articles for Japanese, European, and U.

Miles Award. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. The Meaning of Function. Reading FAST. FAST Logic. Some Observations. What Have We Learned? How It All Began.

Read Stimulating Innovation in Products and Services : Function Analysis and Function Mapping

Toward an Innovation Process. Who Models Functions? Why an Interdisciplinary Team? Team Makeup.

Read Stimulating Innovation in Products and Services : Function Analysis and Function Mapping

Unlocking Practical Ingenuity. Fundamental Questions. Distinguishing Between Problem and Opportunity. Validating Function Models. Outline of This Book. Verb—Noun Function Technique.

Stimulating Innovation in Products and Services: With Function Analysis and Mapping

Fuzzy Problem Technique. Hierarchical Technique. Closing Remarks. Function Analysis Syntax. Active Verbs. Measurable Nouns. Using Two Words to Describe Functions. Defining and Classifying Functions. Types of Functions. Extrinsic Functions. Intrinsic Functions. Basic Functions. Secondary Functions. Practical Definitions. Rules Governing Basic Functions. Function Identification Example. Random Function Determination. Levels of Abstraction. Function and Component Selection.

Function Cost Matrix. Simplifying the Process. Process Overview. Some Misconceptions. Reading How—Why and Our Intentions. Scope Lines.

Highest-Order Function s. Lowest-Order Function s. Freely available white papers, snapshots and guest articles. Register now to gain access to this invaluable resource.

Stimulate innovation: Analyst relations: PwC

Some business owners and directors have wildly optimistic aspirations, while others simply do not realise the value of their business and close down when they choose to exit. Either way, a sense of realism is required to set expectations and a target value, and establish a plan to maximise the value on the eventual sale. In a world where rapid change has become the norm, a variety of forces have driven organisations to alter their structures and practices and often to tackle the monumental task of changing their culture.

This article outlines a systematic process that an organisation can utilise to make major changes in its culture. What makes a company innovative? The elements that make up a truly innovative company are many: a focused innovation strategy a winning overall business strategy deep customer insight great talent the right set of capabilities to achieve successful execution. A free offer from TCii Would you like an assessment of how far your culture is stimulating innovation — or its opposite: stagnation?

2. Basing New Commercial Products on "Lead User" Innovations

Then take up our offer, which is as follows: We will take you through a minute questionnaire, free of charge. You will then receive an immediate summary of how the perception of your organisational culture compares with a comprehensive UK norm. Once you see the real value of putting a hard metric on what is so key to success yet usually so difficult to see, you can move on to measure the climate and culture of your teams and functions and the organisation as a whole.

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