Spiral Scratch (Doctor Who)

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Can they solve the mystery of a contracting multiverse, and expose the murderer?

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So why are there now just ,? And why, every so often, does another one just wink out of existence?


"Doctor Who", Spiral Scratch: Future Nostalgia

With the ties that bind the Lamprey family to the past, present and future coming unravelled around him, only the Doctor can stop the descent into temporal chaos. But he is lost on Janus 8. And Schyllus.

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Spiral scratch dr who

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Doctor Who: Spiral Scratch by Gary Russell

It features the Sixth Doctor and Mel. Russell also includes further suggestions that the BBC books range and the Big Finish Productions audio range take place in parallel universe s, and even has brief appearances from Peri , Evelyn Smythe , the Cyber-enhanced Evelyn from " Real Time " and Frobisher.

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Doctor Doctor Who — This article is about the character of the Doctor. For a more general overview of the series, see Doctor Who. For the current Doctor, see Eleventh Doctor. List of Doctor Who planets — This is a list of planets, fictional or otherwise, that are mentioned in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and its spinoff literature.