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Philip L.

Fuchs Editor. For the selection the Editor focussed on three key synthetic approaches with the greatest impact:.

  1. Machines, Computations, and Universality: 5th International Conference, MCU 2007, Orléans, France, September 10-13, 2007. Proceedings.
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Use of silicon as a 'temporary tether' by unifying a reactive pair of functional groups and taking advantage of their template-biased intramolecular cyclization. The specific use of the silane functionality as a hetero t- butyl group, often colloquially referred to as the use of silicon as a 'fat proton'.

A new feature in this Handbook is the reagent finder, an alphabetically organized lookup table arranged by organic functionality and specific structure of the silicon atom to which it is bound.

  • Author: Abdel-Whaab, Hanan Ahmed Soliman./ Title: Some silicon reagents in organic synthesis /;
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  • Philip Fuchs began his career at Purdue in Since that time, he has graduated an extended family of 55 Ph. His awards and honors include an Eli Lilly young faculty fellowship , an Alfred P. Laddas ned direkt. Over the last three decades the importance of organosilicon chemistry has greatly increased because it has opened a number of new synthetic strategies. Silicon reagents are usually low-cost, versatile and allow a wide range of reactions.

    Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Reagents for Silicon-Mediated Organic Synthesis

    This is the first Handbook to compile essential Silicon containing reagents and makes use of the leading reagent database e-EROS. Another hot volume in the series Handbooks of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, this is a must-have resource for all synthetic chemists working in drug development and medicinal chemistry. For the selection the Editor focussed on three key synthetic approaches with the greatest impact: 1.

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