Sensors and Transducers, Third Edition

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Chapter Smart Transducers (Sensors or Actuators), Interfaces, and Networks | Engineering

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Sensors and Transducers

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Learning Objectives 4. Outcomes 5. Module 1 Introduction: Definition, Multidisciplinary Scenario, Evolution of Mechatronics, Design of Mechatronics system, Objectives, advantages and disadvantages of Mechatronics Transducers and sensors: Definition and classification of transducers, Difference between transducer and sensor, Definition and classification of sensors, Principle of working and applications of light sensors, proximity switches and Hall Effect sensors. Fluid valves and relays Integrates microelectronics into electrically controlled devices.

Hard disk, CD drives, automatic washing machines Intelligent control in mechatronic system E.

Design Process 1. The need 2. Analysis of the problem 3. Preparation of a specification 4.

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Ultrasound has been an option for many years, with sonar being a good example. The combination of gesture, presence, range, and motion sensing with low cost, low power, small size 3. Sensor fusion of LiDAR and cameras There was a time, not so long ago, when it was assumed that light detection and ranging LiDAR alone was the way forward for autonomous vehicles. More recently, it has become clear that even though LiDAR has advanced significantly, safety requirements demand the use of multiple technologies for accurate and intelligent ambient sensing at high speed.

This overcomes the visual acuity limitations of LiDAR by using the camera overlay to detect features such as color and signs. It can then focus in on objects of interest Fig. Instead of designing a sensor and its associated algorithms from the ground up, Gemelli suggests that the time has come to start applying AI techniques to automatically generate new algorithms for sensor use based on analysis of the acquired data and the application over time.

For instance, a suite of different sensors may be performing specific functions well, but with AI monitoring, it may turn out that those sensors could be used to track a parameter that they were never intended for, or they may also be used more efficiently. The concept is gaining traction, said Gemelli. It also dovetails with fog computing architectures, where the goal is to minimize the amount of data that must pass between sensors and the cloud.

A well established author and holder of three patents, Mr. Frank received his B. Table of Contents. The Nature of Semiconductor Sensor Output Getting Sensor Information Into the Microcontroller Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Nodes Smart Sensor Acronym Decoder and Glossary

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