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View 2 comments. So somebody said this was pitched as a cross between The Shining and Titanic and I lost control of myself as the spectre of a young Leonardo Di Caprio temporarily took over my body to press the 'Want to Read' button. Oooh this was such a gem! I had a hard time stepping away from the world once I got into it. So let us break down the positives and the less-than-positives, though the positives far outweigh anything else! Off the bat, the author does a great job of setting up the tone and vibe of the story. The whole atmosphere of this southern hotel in summertime radiates.

Both main characters Lea in and Nell in the present are facing some real struggles, struggles that will play a huge part in who they will become. While it took me a few chapters to really connect to Nell though I definitely did connect to her! She's being pressured to marry this awful dude who will never respect her, and she is so torn. While she wants to help her family, she can't fully fight the dread surrounding her future.

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And as you put yourself in Lea's shoes, you certainly can't blame her! Nell, on the other hand, is trying to find her way in a whole new city, and is still coping with the loss of her mother. Two very different narratives, but both equally compelling as the story goes on. And I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that it is most definitely swoon-worthy.

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While some aspects of it became apparent during the course of the book, how things would turn out wasn't. We spent a lot of time leading up to it, and I actually had to go back and re-read it because it was over pretty quickly. But that said, I felt satisfied that the story was tied up properly. I think this is probably another one of those "me" things because I am a very logical thinker. I doubt a less annoyingly analytical person would have the same reservations. Bottom Line: Atmospheric and full of likable characters you can't help but root for. Also, some serious swoons and a unique mystery!

Aug 12, Lizzy Bent Bookworm rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , received-for-review , read-in , releases , arc , favorites. I am thrilled to report that Remember Me was better than most! I actually felt the hair on my arms raising at points. It was awesome! Check out my blog for some awesome quotes from the book no spoilers. My one caveat: mental illness is somewhat used as a plot device. Terribly vague to avoid spoiling. This is a very hard book to review because of the risk of spoiling, which really would ruin a lot of the story…so here are some quotes to whet your appetite!

It really is an amazing, multi-layered tale and I strongly recommend it. Feb 15, Sarah Glenn Marsh rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-blurbed. Official Comments: From the first gasp of fear to the final, heart-pounding moments, Nell's story will take your breath away. Unofficial Comments: This story had everything I love. Chelsea took my favorite elements and combined them into a fresh new mystery that had me compulsively turning the pages.

From the scares to the romance, this book really does have it all! Aug 06, Melanie TBR and Beyond rated it liked it Shelves: , mental-illness , read-in , ya-romance , physical-arcs , ya-paranormal , insta-love. It terrifies and fascinates me in equal measure.

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When I saw a creepy looking cover and even spookier sound synopsis I knew that I had to sign up for this blog tour, so I could read an early copy of this book. Did it live up to my expectations? Was it spooky? Our second POV is another young girl, Nell set in current time — who recently lost her mother and has moved to the hotel that Lea stayed at so many years prior.

We see Lea miserable and her soon-to-be-dick-husband ordering her about and saying disgustingly sexist and abusive things to her. Lea, also ends up falling for a handyman guy that works for the hotel and they have a summer romance completely falling madly in love, of course , while all the turmoil is happening in her life. I connected more to Lea because I felt her story was more thought out and the pieces connected.

We find out that Lea and her finance were murdered a little before their wedding and no one knows the truth not a spoiler, this is revealed at the very beginning. Of course, we also have to have a brooding love interest who seems very familiar.


We get some creepy scenes of her wandering around the hotel and some weird shit happening around her and some whispering and music that seems to be coming on out thin air. She was easy to follow and root her. I wanted her to be happy and safe. It gave me all the summer vibes and was easy to slip into the summer romance that Lea was in.

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There were a lot of things that never get explained and needed it. When the reveal happens, things get way too rushed and we have to believe that characters are accepting things very fast and it was a stretch at best. The very last was also kind of anti-climatic, I was left with the feeling unsatisfied. I know I was a little hard on that second half but it really did let me down some. It might be one you want to request from you library that helps support the author as well.