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Kamp , Oj Jom Luiten. Electromagnetic modeling based on directional time-distance energy transfer analogies Timothy M. Kholmetskii , Oleg V. References Publications referenced by this paper. Aharonov , P. Pearle , L. Radiation reaction in nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics Ernest J. Moniz , David H.


Die Prinzipien der Dynamik des Elektrons,. Gauge transformations and quantum mechanics II. This conclusion strictly agrees with the experimental data reported in [3, 4]. Finally, it can be added that the general expression 8 for EMEM tensor yields the standard equation of motion just implying that the mass of a charged particle is interpreted as its total observable mass according to the definition 26 [10]. It allows an appropriate elimination of infinite terms present in the conventional CED framework in a mathematically correct way and not as a premeditate omission of such terms which usually takes place in the standard renormalization procedure.

Wavelets in Physics, 2nd Edition

On one hand, it provides a solid interpretation for anomalously small retardation observed for bound EM fields in the near zone and, on the other, gives a real physical mechanism to how the divergent terms for point-like charges can be eliminated: no retardation of the bound EM fields in a close vicinity of a charge is required. One can assume that a similar physical behavior may take place in quantum electrodynamics QED in which framework the infinite self- energy of the electron is also treated by the standard renormalization procedure e. In fact, it is well known in QED that real photons EM radiation propagate at the light velocity c, whereas there are some reasons to interpret the propagation of virtual photons as being instantaneous e.

Finally, we would like to stress that the present theoretical approach is entirely motivated by experimental results [2—4] that suggest a more complicated EM field properties than it is usually implied in the conventional CED: the absence of retardation of bound EM fields within the near zone and equality of propagation rates of bound and radiation EM fields in the far zone. The main result of the present work provides a qualitative explanations of bound EM field retardation rate asymptotic behavior in the near and the far zones.

Nevertheless, a further more detailed exploration of these issues is necessary. In particular, it would be of special interest to proceed within a direct field approach for inhomogeneous EM wave equation which solution requires two boundary conditions: at infinity vanishing fields and on a source.

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However, the latter one is a problematic issue in the conventional CED due to existent divergences. The present tensorial approach attacks the problem in a way that EM field propagation properties become compatible with the recent experimental data. Further extension of this analysis to intermediate zone will be considered elsewhere. However, it should be especially stressed here that expression A2 for the Lagrangian density makes sense only for spatial regions free of charged particles, which may include both EM radiation and bound EM field.

However, the latter component of EM field is undividable from its source charges and therefore, the use of A2 where the omission of the Lagrange density for source charges is obvious in the derivation of symmetric EMEM tensor can not be considered as general since it is not applicable to the whole system with charged particles. Extending the approach to charges, one has to add into Eq.

A2 a component responsible for interaction of charges with EM fields see [5].

On gauge renormalization in classical electrodynamics

A3 might be referred as an interaction part since it takes into consideration the presence of charged particles, being responsible for interaction. By analogy, the second term can be regarded as field part, which, in general, deals with both bound and free EM field components.

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  5. By substituting Eq. A3 into Eq. A1 , we again arrive at Eq. Teitelboim, C. Nuovo Cimento, Vol. Kholmetskii, A. Missevitch, R. Smirnov-Rueda, R. Ivanov, and A. Missevitch, and R. Missevitch, O. Kholmetskii, and R. Landau, L. Kong, J. Balanis, C.

    Gauge Transformation

    Sten, J. Missevitch, and T. Weinberg, S.

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    Field, J. Related Papers. By Sergey G Fedosin. Physics of Currents and Potentials I. Classical Electrodynamics with Non-Point Charge. By Valery Temnenko. Classical Electrodynamics: Selected Topics.

    On gauge renormalization in classical electrodynamics - PDF Free Download

    By Sishir Jana. A: Math. The Theory of Relativity. Clarendon Press, Oxford Google Scholar. Kholmetskii A.

    L, Umov N. Chubykalo A. E, Onoochin V. V, Hadronic J. Dmitriev V. P, Aguirregabiria J. Shockley W, James R. Graham M, Lahoz D.

    J. C. van den Berg

    G, Palermo 21 , Kholmetskii 1 Email author 1. Belarusian State University Minsk Belarus. Personalised recommendations. Cite article How to cite? ENW EndNote.