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If you are looking for a real eye-catcher, please ask us about our root carbon surfaces! Honeycomb cores can not only be used for structural support but can also be simultaneously used for the temperature control of the composite fibre structure.

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We can refine and enhance fibre composite surfaces with electroplated metal layers. The example here shows a laminated mould with a 0. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements, ideas and objectives and to develop solutions tailored to your requirements and facilities. Simply get in touch with us.

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Lightweight construction. Carbon fibre heating.

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Figure 2 shows a radioscopy of the same sample, but with a higher magnification by means of a lower source to object distance. Therefore the individual glass fibres inside the bundles are visible Fig 1: Radioscopy of a glass fibre reinforcement.

The unidirectional orientated fibre bundles are visible. Light-weight structure utilising novel design and advanced materials is one of the keys to improving the fuel efficiency and reducing the environmental burden of automotive vehicles. To ensure the low cost of applying fibre-reinforced materials in automotive vehicles, it is proposed to selectively incorporate carbon fibres to enhance glass fibre composites along main loading path.

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This paper investigates the influences of stacking sequence of on the strength of hybrid composites comprising materials with differing stiffness and strength. Hybrid composite laminates were manufactured using varying ratio of glass woven fabric and carbon woven fabric in an epoxy matrix.

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Static tests including tension, compression and three-point-bending were carried out to composite coupons containing various ratios of carbon fibres to glass fibres.