Float Analysis: Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume

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Pushing the boundaries of technical analysis, active trader Steve Woods combines price and volume charts with the knowledge of available shares in the market, or float, to form a strongly predictive indicator-his very own Woods Cumulative-Volume Float Indicator-that can target winning stocks with incredible accuracy.

Even the experts agree that every trader can now discover the power of this exciting new indicator-and trading theory-by reading this comprehensive new book. Take this chance to master float analysis and watch your profits soar. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Wiley, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

Float Analysis: Powerful Technical Indicators Using Price and Volume - Steve Woods - Google Books

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Technical Analysis

Great book on Technical Analysis. A must for every trader. Features Dow theory, chart patterns, you name it. We like the straight forward approach Pring uses in this book. The section on chart patterns is especially helpful. Great book. Now -- for the first time ever -- learn to use and apply this extraordinary technique directly from the man who created it.

Explained in clear, step-by-step terms discover how to compare price and indicator action and make sound, sensible -- and profitable -- trading decisions. Concise, straightforward and filled with instructive charts and visual aides, this remarkable works is essential reading for all serious traders, regardless of the market condition. Bollinger includes his simple system for implementation - and personal techniques for combining bands and indicators.

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Extremely well-organized, comprehensive and written within the context of real-world trading, this guidebook integrates new methods of technical analysis with strategies for effective risk control and money management. For years, application of Moving Averages has helped many market "wizards" make more profitable trades. Now, every trader can gain a broader understanding of this powerful tool and get down to basics with "Moving Averages Simplified.

Benefit from this step-by-step guide that takes you through every aspect of moving averages - easily. He notes that the obvious requirement for making money in the stock market is to buy low and sell high, but that most people simply can't do this. Widely-adopted for its comprehensive coverage, exceptionally clear explanations of difficult material, and avoidance of nonessential math, this text bridges the gap between the theory and practice of derivatives, and helps students develop a solid working knowledge of how derivatives can be analyzed.

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Technical Analysis

One of the greatest investment thinkers of all time, the legendary Benjamin Graham, 20 years after his death in , still commands a loyal following. When pinpointing the best time to buy or take profits technical analysis is the only true predictor of price behavior.

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  7. Now discover the proven methods of the top traders adapted for today's markets. Learn how to use each model, when to use it and when not to. The new edition is revised to represent the latest trading vehicles and applications, including coverage of long-term equity anticipation securities, preferred equity redemption cumulative stocks, neutral trading, futures options, warrants, and standard portfolio analysis of risk.

    The idea, of course, is to maximize earnings and reduce risk--no matter how the market is performing. Strategy techniques and examples show how to do it. The Real Options Solution: Finding Total Value in a High-Risk World offers a proven new approach to the valuation of businesses and technologies based on options theory. This straightforward, practical guide presents an innovative approach-the "total value" model-to applying real options analysis that is based on one core insight: all business plans are options. Technical Analysis Technical Analysis is an attempt to forecast future price trend based on technical indicators derived from price, volume and Breadth for indexes dafa.

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