Essentials of Cognitive Radio

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Contents Part I. Cognitive Radio Communications and Cooperation: 1. Introduction to cognitive radios-- 2. Game theory for cognitive radio networks-- 3.

Markov models for dynamic spectrum allocation-- 4. Repeated open spectrum sharing game-- 5. Pricing game for dynamic spectrum allocation-- 6.

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A multi-winner cognitive spectrum auction game-- 7. Evolutionary cooperative spectrum sensing game-- 8. Anti-jamming stochastic game-- 9.


Opportunistic multiple access for cognitive networks-- Part II. Resource Awareness and Learning: Reinforcement learning for energy-aware communications-- Repeated game and learning for packet forwarding-- Dynamic pricing games for routing-- Connectivity-aware network lifetime optimization-- Connectivity-aware network maintenance and repair-- Part III.

Securing Mechanism and Strategies: Trust modeling and evaluation-- Defense against routing disruptions-- Defense against injecting traffic attacks-- Attack-resistant cooperation stimulation-- Optimal strategies for cooperation stimulation-- Belief evaluation for cooperation enforcement-- Defense against insider attacks-- Secure cooperation stimulation under noise and imperfect monitoring.

The development of cognitive radio networking provides a framework for making the best possible use of limited spectrum resources, and it is revolutionising the telecommunications industry.

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This book presents the fundamentals of designing, implementing, and deploying cognitive radio communication and networking systems. Uniquely, it focuses on game theory and its applications to various aspects of cognitive networking. It covers in detail the core aspects of cognitive radio, including cooperation, situational awareness, learning, and security mechanisms and strategies.

In addition, it provides novel, state-of-the-art concepts and recent results. As an enabling technology Cognitive Radio CR holds an interesting promise for improved utilisation of the radio frequency spectrum. These CR capabilities are considered as highly valuable for the introduction of new radio communication services, as essentially all usable radio frequency spectrum has been allocated and assigned, while in practice the radio frequency spectrum appears to be under-utilized, if considered in time and place.

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Hence, CRs are considered very suitable for providing communications services using the radio spectrum on a secondary basis, i. This is an interesting first step, as CR technology can be deployed much more widely.

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  6. The ability of CR to be multi-band and multi-mode suggest the technology may provide better service levels than existing technologies for instance in situations of unexpected high demand, e. Doyle, L.

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