Elements of Psycho-Analysis

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The two men had seemingly identical beliefs about human behavior, but also had contrasting beliefs about concepts such as the ego, the psyche, and the state of unconsciousness. It can be applied to both living organisms animal and human-life. Human development is also known as developmental psychology, it is the scientific study of Systematic psychological changes that occur in human beings over the course of their life span. Two key theories Freud 's Theory of Psychosexual and Erikson 's Theory of Psychosocial development are both psychoanalytic theories.

Sigmund Freud concluded that personality develops through several stages and the psychosexual development was the driving force behind behavior.

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Sigmund Freud 's psychoanalytic theory of personality argued that human behavior was the result of the interaction of three component parts of the mind: the id. During his childhood and adolescence years, his scholastic performance stood out.

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He graduated high school with honors, and set out to study medicine at Vienna University. While studying medicine, he was introduced to Ernest Von Bruke, who worked at the university as a physiology professor. Bruke assisted Freud in obtaining a grant to study with a psychiatrist, by the name of Jean Martin Charcot.

In Sigmund Freud finally earned his doctoral.

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After several years of clinical practice, Sigmund Freud became concern about finding a new way to cure his patients. He developed a new way of treatment, the psychoanalytic therapy based on the existence of the unconscious. According to his theory, our behavior is driven by sexual and destructive feelings. Freud mentions in his psychoanalytical theory of personality there are five stages of psychosexual stages structure of personality.

Elements of Psychoanalysis

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Published Date: 1st January Page Count: Elements of Psychoanalysis Wilfred R. Second Thoughts Wilfred R. Introduction to Group-Analytic Psychotherapy S.

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Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality

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Adolescence and Developmental Breakdown M. Judaism and Psychoanalysis Mortimer Ostow. About Wilfred R. Bion Wilfred R. Bion was born in India and first came to England at the age of eight to receive his schooling. After reading history at Queen's College, Oxford, he studied medicine at University College London, before a growing interest in psychoanalysis led him to undergo training analysis with John Rickman and, later, Melanie Klein. During the s his attention was directed to the study of group processes. Abandoning his work in this field in favor of psychoanalytic practice, he subsequently rose to the position of Director of the London Clinic of Psychoanalysis and President of the British Psychoanalytical Society From he worked in Los Angeles, returning to England two months before his death in