Clostridia-Biotechnology and Medical Applications

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Handbook on Clostridia

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Methods and compositions for detection of bacteria and treatment of diseases and disorders. Detecting and treating solid tumors through selective disruption of tumor vasculature. JPB2 ja. USB1 en. Modified bacteria having improved pharmacokinetics and tumor colonization enhancing antitumor activity.

Industrial microbiology

WOA1 en. SEP , vol. JAN , vol. EPB1 en. DKT3 da. USA1 en. AUA1 en. EPA4 en. Thiele et al. Oncolysis by clostridia. Effects of clostridia and chemotherapeutic agents on rodent tumors. Coconnier et al. Antagonistic activity againstHelicobacter infection in vitro and in vivo by the humanLactobacillus acidophilus strain LB. Dashkevicz et al. Development of a differential medium for bile salt hydrolase-active Lactobacillus spp. Privitera et al. Transfer of multiple antibiotic resistance between subspecies of Bacteroides fragilis. CNC zh.

Agrawal et al. Bacteriolytic therapy can generate a potent immune response against experimental tumors.

Biotechnological applications in medicine.

CNB zh. Kato et al. Effects of oral administration of Lactobacillus casei on antitumor responses induced by tumor resection in mice.

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Ulm University

Dietary and pharmaceutical compositions containing lyophilized lactic bacteria, their preparation and use. Bacterial synergism in disease processes: With a confirmation of the synergistic bacterial etiology of a certain type of progressive gangrene of the abdominal wall. Tvede et al. Bacteriotherapy for chronic relapsing Clostridium difficile diarrhoea in six patients. Pawelek et al. EPB2 fr.

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Composition comprenant des lactobacillus ou des bifidobacterium et son utilisation. Goodwin et al. Prevention of nitroimidazole resistance in Campylobacter pylori by coadministration of colloidal bismuth subcitrate: clinical and in vitro studies. DET2 de.

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AUB2 en. Sean and his wife Silvia have two young children, a daughter Cecilia and a son Liam. Sean is an enthusiastic if not skillful! He dreams of one day having the time to sail with his gorgeous family around the Pacific…but first he needs to learn to sail… and help LanzaTech to commercial success! Most recently based in London, he worked at international firm Ashurst, where he predominantly advised multi-jurisdictional institutional investors and fund managers in the establishment, operation and dissolution of their private investment funds.

His other clients included institutional investment funds, significant public and private companies, as well as emerging companies and companies preparing for IPO. He has particular experience of the setting up and operation of corporate joint ventures, specifically in the energy generation, aquaculture and property sectors, in the setting up of corporate asset backed contribution arrangements for pension scheme trustees, and in the governance of public, private and charitable organisations.

Julie has over 25 years of experience providing technical solutions to clients worldwide, including extensive work in the construction, pre-commissioning, startup and guarantee testing phases of plants. Previously employed at UOP, a Honeywell Company, she led the Field Operating Services Department where she was responsible for the direct management of over 50 engineers based in the U.

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